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Aarati House seeks to provide HIV infected/affected children of Nepal with a safe, nurturing environment which will assist in setting the foundation for a bright future and adulthood. Aarati House runs in conjunction with Setu Nepal which provides training and empowerment and seed money to disadvantaged mothers. Read about the Aarati House mission

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Based in Kathmandu, Nepal, Aarati House is always seeking volunteers from all over the world.

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  • Mother’s Day at Aarati House

    In Nepal, family is extremely important and Nepalis are very respectful towards their parents. Mother’s Day is a large festival when Nepalis traditionally give gifts and food to their mothers. In return, mothers give blessings to their children. It becomes a very emotional time. At Aarati House, the children surprised their mothers with gifts and

  • Generous donation of rice

    Aarati House would like to thank Ms Belu Basnet from Bhaktapur for her generous donation of a sack of rice every month from the beginning of the Nepali year (2071 BS, 14th of May 2014). Her support will cover the consumption of rice for four children and the mother (the care taker) who are infected

  • Case Study: Binita

    Binita Basnet, a seven year old girl, was admitted to MSPN (a centre that treats children with HIV) in 2008 when she was two years old. She is originally from a small, rural village in eastern Nepal, around 350km from Kathmandu. Binita has been infected with HIV virus from birth as her mother Balkumari is also

  • Case Study: Sony Ghale

    Sony Ghale is from a remote area of Lamjung district. Sony was infected with HIV by her husband, who died in 2013 from the virus. She has sole guardianship of her two children: a son, 10 years and a daughter, 6 years. Both children attend a government school studying in grade 4 and 1 respectively. Fortunately

  • Case Study: Laxmi Deuwa

    Laxmi Deuwa recently rescued from a jungle cave in Nepal with her mother who is infected by HIV- need some love and care! Kalawati Deuwa, 40 years – has recently been rescued from a jungle of Doti district in Nepal with her daughter, Laxmi, 2.5 years. Resident of Doti Girichauka 4, Kalawati was a victim of

  • Case Study: Sita Pariyar

    Sita Pariyar, 23 years, is from Nuwakot and mother of two children. Sita is HIV infected while both of her children are not. Her son, 9 years, lives with his father and step mother in Kathmandu. Sita is unhappy about this situation as her son lives in a hostile atmosphere, due to the step family. 

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